Thursday, August 23, 2012


We adopted Kona from an adoption/rescue group this wek. He came home Tuesday, 8/21/12. As near as we and our vet can tell, he is a German Shepherd/Blackmouth Cur mix (probably with a few others thrown in as well). He's a neutered 8-1/2 month old pup and very sweet (We're using New Years Day 2012 as an estimated birthday). He's about 20" at the withers and 35 lbs. now. I don't think he'll get a lot taller, but we hope to beef him up a little over the next few months (to ≈ 45 I expect). This is him at the adoption show a couple weeks ago.

It was the ears really, that landed me this gig. I know I'm gorgeous, but it was the ears that closed the deal. I mean LOOK at them!

He's been home for two days now and things are going well. He's getting the hang of his new name and some basic commands. He's had a few bumpy spots, like the noise from the kids startling him a bit, and a couple minor bathroom issues, but things are calming down. Right now he's sleeping at my feet as I type. I still miss Zeke a lot. We had him for over 13 years and he was over 14 when he passed away two months ago. Kona is a lot different from Zeke despite several surface similarities. They are of a size, both mutts, both bright and curious. Kona is a bit more excitable than Zeke was, but I may be remembering "old" Zeke more than the younger version.

Right now I'm trying to get Kona into fetch and (hopefully) frisbee. He needs a way to burn off his energy, and anything where the dog does the bulk of the running around is a plus in my book.

Here are a couple more pics since he came home.

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