Friday, August 31, 2012



My wife had gotten several cut logs and stumps to make a sort of "camp circle" for the kids to play around/jump on and piled them up near the porch, pending actually placement in the yard. Kona decided this was his own forest primeval and "hid" there for several minutes sniffing EVERYTHING!

Speaking of kids, RC is doing very well with Kona, working on things like "Stay" and "Sit" with him. She's the only one who can get him to go to his crate ("Place") without tossing a treat in first. (She gives him a treat afterward.)

PS- I should note that Kona's timidity issues are WAY better. On this morning's walk (5AM) he barked at a jogger wearing a head lamp, but that was an unusual enough sight that I wasn't too worried about it. I still made him sit and stop barking, though. 

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