Friday, November 6, 2015

Squeaky (whiny?) clean

Kona managed to roll in something foul the other day, so he was less than April fresh. He had also gotten some fleas recently so it was time for a bath. He was... unenthusiastic. I couldn't get any pictures of him in the tub as I needed both hands to deal with him, but here he is post-cleansing.

I think he figured he was safe on base there.

He doesn't have a lot of fur, so it didn't take much to get him dried off.

Looking a bit ruffled.

It was unusually warm here for November, so once he was dry I let him back out (under supervision to make sure he didn't re-stinkify himself). I think he forgave me once I started grilling. 

And on the eighth day, God created WEBER. And is was soooo goooood!

Kona got a piece, of course.

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