Thursday, January 3, 2013

The big one-point-oh

Kona is a year now, as near as we can figure. Based on DAWG's records from the shelter, etc., he was born in late December or early January. So, for simplicity, we're using New Years Day as his birthday. We do the same thing for Moose (our cat). The difference being he's nineteen now.

Kona's working on a new trick, "Over." He basically jumping hurdles. You can see him bounding like a gazelle over the simple log setup in the back yard.

On a different note, Kona's nose is turning pink. I remember Zeke's doing the same as he got older, but this is happening sooner and faster than that. From what I've read, it's not uncommon in some dogs for their noses to pinken in cold weather, then return to black in spring. Who knew?? (I tried to get a decent close up of his shnozz, but he isn't great about staying still.)

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