Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A corking good time.

Today's post answers the age-old question "What do you do when your dog eats a plastic wine cork?"

I know, right?

Why did Kona eat a cork? Well, apparently it had peanut butter on it, which is reason enough in Dog-Land.

My wife called the vet, who told her to A) not to panic, and B) do the following:
  1. Feed him a LOT of food.
  2. Somehow get a CUP of Hydrogen Peroxide down his throat. (Yeek!)
  3. Check for the cork as he throws up all over the place.
There are times I'm happy that I'm at the office all day.

Needless to say Kona resisted step 2, but my oldest daughter and my wife managed to get some of it in him. Kona proceeded to be very unhappy in the back yard for a while, as my wife checked the results by poking it with a stick. All this while sleet was coming down. 

Fortunately, the cork was red, so it was easy to spot once it appeared. Kona's stomach settled back down eventually and all was well again. When I got home this evening, from his behavior, I'd never would have known he'd had such a rough morning.

I'd LIKE to think he would have learned a lesson about eating things like corks, but I'm afraid the repercussions were too far removed from the act to click inside his fuzzy skull. 

Ah well, the fun of dog ownership.

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